Food in Begusarai

Located on northern bank of River Ganga, Begusarai is one of the famous districts of Bihar state in India. Begusarai is famous as ‘Industrial Capital of Bihar’ and also known for being part of ancient Mithila region. Like all other parts of the state, Bihari food is mainly popular in this region too. Staple food of this region consists of rice, dal, chapattis, vegetables, various items prepared with gram flour. Traditional cuisines of Bihar, ‘Litti’ and ‘Chura-Dahi’ are too popular among people of the region. Besides, non-vegetarian food is also famous among non-vegetarians in this district. ‘Pantua’, locally called ‘Atom Bomb’ is the most popular sweet of Begusarai.

Traditional Cuisines of Begusarai

Traditional Cuisines of Begusarai

Being a part of Bihar, Begusarai also has same food pattern as of the state. Thus, traditional food of Begusarai consists of typical Bihari cuisines. Rice, chapattis, vegetables and lentils are consumed as daily food. Apart from that, non-vegetarians dishes are also popular among specific segment of people. Litti is the popular traditional cuisine of Bihar and much consumed by people in Begusarai too. Along with chura-dahi, chokha, sattu, satuwa parantha, daal puri, makuni, ghugni, pittha, dhuska, kadhi bari, khichdi, kofta, veg-korma and raita are some of the popular dishes of this region. ‘Bihari Kebabs’, typical Bihari non-vegetarian dish is famous for its mouthwatering taste and ‘Bihari Kebab Rolls’ are also served in restaurants of the region.

Sweets and Snacks in Begusarai

And when it comes to sweet dishes, people of Begusarai also love to consume sweets and several regional sweet delicacies are famous for their unique preparation and taste as well. ‘Pantua’, a sweet dish similar as gulab jamun is the most famous sweet of Begusarai and it is locally known and popular as ‘Atom Bomb’ among the residents. A number of delicious sweet delicacies including kheer, malpua, tilkut (til barfi), rabdi, thekua, balushahi, khaja, petha, pirikiya, khurchan, parwal ki mithai and posta dana ka halwa are also famous in this region. ‘Posta Dana Ka Halwa’ is specially made during winter season. Snacks are one of the most favored food items in every part of the country. In Begusarai too, a variety of snacks like litti, samosa, pakora, golgappa, jhal murhi, dahi vada, tarua, kachauri, dal puri and chaat are popular among all the snacks lovers. Mahaveer Misthan Bhandar, Makhan Bhog, Ganesh Tilkut Shop, Gupta Misthan Bhandar, New Vardhaman Misthan Bhandar, Gokul Chat House, Prem Shankar Sweets & Chat and Muskan Sweets are some of the popular sweet shops present in city of Begusarai.

Mahaveer Misthan Bhandar
Address: Baidya Nath Mandir Chowk, Main Road, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-6243-242292

Prem Shankar Sweets & Chat
Address: Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Contact: +(91)-9534558283

Gokul Chat House
Address: Kachahri Road, Near Ambedkar Chowk, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9470271817

Gupta Misthan Bhandar
Address: Patel Chowk, Main Road, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9709836072

Muskan Sweets
Address: L.N. Railway Market, Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Contact: +(91)-9708875405

Ganesh Tilkut Shop
Address: Bhola Market, Main Road, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9905090410

Street Food in Begusarai

Be it a metropolitan city or a small town, one thing is equally enjoyed everywhere and that is street food. Like all other parts of the country, street food in Begusarai is much popular for its taste and uniqueness and relished by residents and visitors alike. Litti chokha, samosa, pakora, kachori, kebab rolls, golgappa, chaat, aloo tikki, dahi vada and a variety of such lip smacking food items is easily available as street food in this part of Bihar. There are number of local stalls present across the city where you can find variety of street food and enjoy local food of this region.

Restaurants in Begusarai

After relishing local food of Begusarai, if you want to enjoy South Indian, Bengali, Rajasthani, Chinese or Italian cuisines then there are several restaurants and food joints present in city where you can dine at. You can find all types of delicious and delectable cuisines in these restaurants. Along with some famous dhabas and fast food centers are also present in this part of Bihar. Celebrations Restaurant, Jubilee Dhaba & Restaurant, Maharaja Fast Food, Sen Prabha Restaurant, Oasis Restaurant and Swagat Dhaba are some of the popular restaurants in Begusarai.

Celebrations Restaurant
Address: Near Alka Cinema, NH 31, Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Mobile: +(91)-9934810832, 9473228832
Phone: +(91)-6279-243776

Maharaja Fast Food
Address: Bhola Market, Main Road, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Mobile: +(91)-9835403186

Sen Prabha Restaurant
Address: C/O Sayonara Hotel, Near Bus Stand, NH 31, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Mobile: 09709454993
Phone: +(91)-6243-244078

Oasis Restaurant
Address: Near Alka Cinema Hall, National Highway 31, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai – 851101

Hotel Dhanraj
Address: L.N. Railway Market, Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Mobile: +(91)-8877512889

Jubilee Dhaba & Restaurant
Address: Near Swagat Retail, National Highway-31, Jubilee Campus
Begusarai GPO, Begusarai- 851135
Mobile: 09471978715, 9471978716
Phone: 06243-274269

Swagat Dhaba
Address: Near Swagat Retail Outlet, NH 31, Sanghaul, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Mobile: +(91)-9934810832, 9934796049

Shopping in Begusarai

When it comes to shopping, Begusarai offers a lot of options to its visitors and tourists. Apart from local shops, there are some shopping complexes and famous branded showrooms also present in Begusarai where one can find a number of options to buy something special as a souvenir or gift item from this city. Baidya Nath Mandir Chowk, Kumar Market, Sona Jageshwar Complex, Hiralal Chowk, Patel Chowk, Janki Complex and Town Thana Chowk are some of the famous shopping spots in Bgeusarai.

Begusarai offers a wide range of mouthwatering cuisines to its residents and tourists both. Traditional local food, sweets and snacks, street food, fast food and international cuisines, all are available in this city. A number of food options like fast food joints, restaurants, dhabas, sweet and snacks shops, chaat stalls etc. are present to cater all the food lovers in this part of Bihar. Besides, one can also enjoy shopping in local markets and shops of the city. While visiting Begusarai, don’t forget to relish delicious food of this region and to visit some of the famous local bazaars and markets in the city.

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