Emergency Services in Begusarai

Emergency services matter most when it comes to save lives of people in case of any mishap or tragic incident. Thus, every state government pays utmost attention to proper arrangement of the emergency services in its respective state. In Begusarai too, all major emergency services i.e. police helpline, ambulance services, fire services etc. are being provided and managed by the state government of Bihar. It is necessary to keep all emergency contact numbers within reach and handy to combat any emergency.

Emergency Services in Begusarai

Ambulance Services in Begusarai

When it comes to call medical help in case of any urgency or emergency, ambulance is the main option that is contacted first to take sufferers to the hospital for medical treatment. It is necessary to provide medical treatment to the victims or emergency patients at earliest to combat any critical condition. Hence, ambulance services are made available in every part of the country as major part of emergency services. Begusarai being a large district has good network of ambulance services. Ambulance services are being provided by state government in every part of the district and special ambulance helpline has been started for the purpose. One can easily contact ambulance service in case of any emergency by just dialing this helpline number. Along with several other ambulance services are also available for catering people in this city.

Ambulance Helpline - 102/ 108

Agrasen Matri Seva Sadan
Address: Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9608492492

Ambulance Service
Address: Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9934726151

Blood Banks in Begusarai

Begusarai also has a number of blood banks providing medical support to the needy people in the region. Medical emergency may take place any time and in case of heavy blood loss or major surgery one has to generally arrange required blood units. In such condition, blood banks of Begusarai play important role in timely arrangement of blood units. These banks are specially meant for blood storage which is further used in providing medical aid to the sufferers. Thus, a number of blood donation camps are organized to collect blood with the help of citizens. And every city has numerous blood banks to assist people in arranging blood during any emergency. Most of these blood banks are usually run by government while others are supported by NGOs and charitable societies. Here are the contact details of major blood banks in Begusarai.

Deshratan Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Rotary Blood Bank
Address: Kali Asthan, Begusarai, Bihar
Contact: 06243-210354, 9835239088

Blood Bank and Research Center
Address: Ashok Nagar, Begusarai, Bihar

Police in Begusarai

Over the time, crime has increased in every part of the country and thus need of proper security arrangements has increased too. Like all other parts of the country, police department owes responsibility to provide safe and secure environment to the citizens in the district of Begusarai. Police maintains law and order in Begusarai and takes care of safety of the citizens in the district. Proper security arrangements are necessary to prevent any suspicious activity or violence in the region. Thus, several police stations and out posts have been established to keep vigil on crime in the district. One can easily contact nearest police station for help in case of any problem.

Superintendent of Police, Begusarai
Office: 6243-223015
Res.: 6243-230519
Mobile: 9431800011
Fax: 6243-230539

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), HQ, Begusarai
Office: 6243-225003
Mobile: 9431448749

Police Control Room, Begusarai
Contact: 6243-223015

Fire Services in Begusarai

Due to carelessness or incidentally, fire may occur anytime and ruin several lives leaving nothing behind. Hence, it is strictly necessary to be cautious and prepared about fire emergency all the time to combat any kind of such sudden fire accident. It is mandatory to follow precautions to avoid occurrence of fire accident and prevent physical harm and material loss both. A number of fire stations have been established in every state of the country for providing fire services and possible help to the victims in case of fire at any place. Begusarai too is well equipped with fire services and fire station and fire helpline both are available for the citizens to seek help in case of any fire related emergency.

Fire Station Helpline – 101

Fire Station, Begusarai
Phone: 06243-223133
Mobile: 9931929332

Thus, ambulance service to blood banks, police helpline to fire services all major emergency services are available in the district of Begusarai. One can contact the appropriate emergency helpline to seek assistance and proper help in case of any emergency. And for that, all emergency helplines and contact numbers should be kept noted down and within reach all the time. However, it is advisable to be cautious and follow safety guidelines to prevent any type of emergency.

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