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Entertainment and Lifestyle in Begusarai

Begusarai is a culturally and literally rich region of Bihar. People of various communities and religions reside in Begusarai and thus this part of Bihar has a vibrant culture and lifestyle. Basically lifestyle of this region is traditional and as in other part of Bihar state, native folks of this region still follow their traditions. With the passing times, modernization has changed lifestyle of the city. Whether it is about costumes, cuisines, gadgets or fun activities, youth of Begusarai loves to experiment with both traditional and modern lifestyles.

Begusarai Lifestyle

Traditional Lifestyle in Begusarai

Begusarai comes in Darbhanga division of Bihar which is also known for its cultural diversity. Thus, Begusarai also resembles traditional lifestyle of Darbhanga and people of this region believe in customs and traditions. Women usually put on Saree paired with blouse and ‘Seedha Anchal’ is the traditional saree draping style of the region. Well, various modern styles of saree draping are also popular among females in urban area. Girls generally prefer salwar kameez and churidar. Silver and gold ornaments are much adorned by all the females in this part of Bihar. Dhoti-Kurta and Kurta-Payjama are the main traditional costumes for men in this region. However, usually native folks put on traditional costumes and Shirt-trouser has become much more popular among men nowadays.

Influence of Western Culture in Begusarai

Influence of western culture can be visibly seen in lifestyle of the urban populace in Begusarai. Especially, youth is following modern lifestyle of metro cities and thus trying hands on all latest fashion trends. In urban area, girls usually put on designer salwar, kameez or churidar and western outfits are also becoming popular among them. Boys are also taking keen interest in latest fashion trends and following them. Shirt, trouser, t-shirt jeans are common among male population in this part of Bihar. From using modern gadgets to putting on western dresses, urban youth stays update on every front and thus this section of the society in Begusarai has its own preferences and choices.

Beauty Salons in Begusarai

Beauty parlors in Begusarai offer a wide range of beauty treatments and grooming services to the residents at moderate charges. With increasing number of beauty conscious people, several beauty salons have also emerged as perfect options for beauty treatments in the city. These beauty salons are well known among residents for their perfect services and beauty treatments. Some of the most popular beauty salons in Begusarai are:

New Ladies Beauty Parlour
Address: Baidhya Nath Mandir Chowk, Main Road, Begusarai HO, Begusarai - 851101
Phone: +(91)-9709650645

Monalisha Beauty Parlour
Address: Baidhya Nath Mandir Chowk, Main Road, Begusarai HO, Begusarai - 851101
Phone: +(91)-9534909085

Lovely Beauty Parlour
Address: Baidhya Nath Mandir Chowk, Main Road, Begusarai HO, Begusarai - 851101
Phone: +(91)-9031686268

Shruti Beauty Parlour
Address: 1st Floor, Janki Complex, Near Sunrise Tailor, Bhola Market
Begusarai HO, Begusarai - 851101
Phone: +(91)-9279242491

Smrity Beauty Care
Address: Krishna Market, Karpuri Asthan Road, Main Road, Singhaul, Begusarai - 851134
Phone: +(91)-8986142995

Unique Beauty Parlour
Address: L. N. Railway Market, Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Phone: +(91)-9708877257

Entertainment in Begusarai

Though Begusarai is developing as an industrial city entertainment sector is also flourishing in this part of Bihar. Music and dance has been traditional form of entertainment in the region of Begusarai. Due to influence of modernization, people of this region are also changing their lifestyle and taking interest in various entertainment and fun activities. At present, movies halls are the main source of entertainment in Begusarai. There are several cinema halls present in this district to cater all the cinema lovers in the region. These movie theatres are quite popular for entertainment purpose among citizens in Begusarai.

Alka Theatre
Address: 31, National Highway, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9006121647

Savitri Chitrapat
Address: Station Road, Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9431029762

Chitrawani Cinema
Address: Main Market, Begusarai - 851101

Maa Durga Picture Palace
Address: Nipania, Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Contact: +(91)-9831240027

Sona Talkies
Address: Barauni, Begusarai - 851112
Contact: +(91)-9955425294

Vishnu Cinema
Address: Near Vishwanath Colony, Begusarai - 851101

Ragnee Picture Palace
Address: Begusarai Ho, Begusarai - 851101
Contact: +(91)-9334430241

Lifestyle of Begusarai is vibrant blend of traditional customs and modern thoughts. Although western culture has gained popularity but people still have strong connection with their traditional customs and beliefs in this region. Entertainment in Begusarai mainly depends on cinema halls which are located at various locations across the city.

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